NanoLumens Transforms Airports with LED Display “Wow” Factors

In a modern transportation environment, delivering an easy and enjoyable passenger experience is of the utmost importance. The most successful airports answer this call with LED signage, using the technology to deliver real-time information to large groups of mobile audiences from curbside and security through the terminal and your gate. Versatile and durable LED technology improves the passenger experience when used for EVIDS, wayfinding, advertising, baggage claim, hallway accents, and even place-making digital artwork.

CASE STUDY: Changi Airport

Changi International Airport is amongst the busiest air travel hubs in the world, but to fulfill its potential as the preeminent cultural gateway to Southeast Asia for international travelers, the look and feel of its brand new Terminal 4 needed a spark.


CASE STUDY: Charlotte-Douglas Airport

To better offer premiere air travel services, the city of Charlotte enacted a $2.5 billion renovation project to revamp several elements of its airport. Included was a futuristic digital art feature that serves as a defining symbol for the airport and the city as a whole.


CASE STUDY: Toronto Pearson Airport

To empower their travelers, Toronto Pearson Airport sought to fill their busiest terminal with a uniquely artistic installation to capture travelers’ attention. To bring their vision to life, they chose NanoLumens for a one-of-a-kind display.


NEW WHITE PAPER! The Role of Dynamic Signage in the Airport Information Economy!

Dynamic signage is so universally powerful in airport spaces that it’s nearly impossible not to notice what it’s communicating. And with today’s advancing technologies, it’s easier than ever to reach more travelers with relevant transportation information and advertising. In this white paper we’ll explore the role of dynamic digital signage in the overall economy of an airport.




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