LED and LCD Display Management Software

What if you could bring your store or venue’s digital dreams to life by integrating all the latest sensors, displays, and networking but not have to invest a large amount of capital. Liberating isn’t it? At NanoLumens we believe a robust digital ecosystem is the key to communicating with your audience and getting the most out of your space.

Changi Airport Performance LED Display

Why Visualization as a Service?

Simply put, VaaS manages all of your display needs with ease. From concept and design to the installation and on-going management of your display network, our team will be there for you every step of the way with the industry’s best dedicated support.

Your Complete Display Network Solution

NanoLumens’ Visualization-as-a-Service (VaaS) program revolutionizes the way you purchase and integrate digital display networks and ecosystems. All of your visualization needs, including displays, CMS, network, service and installation, are grouped into one monthly payment rather than a large expenditure maximizing your capabilities and minimizing impact on working capital.

Your Display Needs Managed With Ease

The NanoLumens team will work with your brand to thoughtfully design, customize, and implement your perfect digital ecosystem from the ground up.

LED or LCD Display Network
Audience Analytics
Third Party App Marketplace
Media Player
Dedicated Support
Integration & Maintenance
Remote Management
American Airlines Arena

Ready to get Started?

NanoLumens’ VaaS revolutionizes the way you purchase and manage your digital display network. Contact us and lock in your competitive advantage for today and tomorrow.

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