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NanoLumens News and Press

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Transforming the Airport With Audio Visual Technology

Airways Magazine notes the airport experience is changing, and at the forefront of this change is cutting-edge audiovisual (AV) technology that is helping transform passengers’ time spent in terminals. Beyond just displaying flight information and directing travelers through their halls, some of the industry’s most innovative airports are also now investing in audiovisual installations that entertain, engage, and ease passengers’ minds in ways that improve their travel experiences while potentially increasing airports’ non-aeronautical revenue.

NanoLumens DSE2018 Your Vegas Is Showing

NanoLumens coming off an exceptional Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas – with one of the highlights being a three hour event held at their Visualization Center. NanoLumens hosted a panel discussion on the Future of LED Visualization, featuring Cox Business and Hospitality Network, DailyDOOH Co-Founder and Editor Adrian Cotterill and other industry leaders. Here’s a look at the panel discussion at their Las Vegas showroom on content creation and display management.

Engagement through Experience: Digital Displays are the Key to Revitalizing Retail

To survive against the looming existential threat of online retailers, brick and mortar retail locations need to engage a new generation of customers with immersive experiences instead of bland billboards. The most efficient and effective means to this end is with dynamic digital signage solutions.

Patience a Virtue in Lighting Quality Discussions, Sales

With overseas competition, major LED manufacturers are increasing their focus on higher-margin products. These range from Internet of Things (IoT) interfaces to health informatics. One other area where they see possibilities is in light quality of luminaires, especially as it relates to the improvement of working conditions. But many say that it’s not quite ready for primetime. That’s not to say that there isn’t promise, of course. There is a growing body of research and studies indicating that blue shifts and higher correlated color temperature (CCT) help increase alertness and productivity. Conversely, a red shift or lower color temperature may help reinforce the body’s circadian rhythms and aid nighttime relaxation.