NanoLumens Transforms Transportation Hubs with LED Display “Wow” Factors

 In a modern transportation environment, delivering an easy and enjoyable passenger experience is of the utmost importance. The most successful transportation hubs answer this call with LED signage, using the technology to deliver real-time information to large groups of mobile audiences whether at an airport, a train station, a bus station, or any other sort of transit center. Versatile and durable LED display technology not only improves the indoor and outdoor aesthetics of these environments but it provides immense utility in the form of EVIDS, wayfinding, advertising, and countless other applications!

NanoLumens LED  Signs for Transportation

When transportation hubs need a powerful display platform that can enhance their built environment without compromising existing architectures, they turn to NanoLumens. Transportation hubs across the globe customize our lightweight and ultrathin displays for myriad applications from art and advertising to passenger info and wayfinding because they know our solutions will help them optimize foot-traffic efficiency, establish a memorable sense of place, and maximize existing infrastructures. Built to last with 100,000 hour diodes, protected by an industry-leading six-year warranty, and meeting or exceeding all European rail safety standards, NanoLumens customizable LED display solutions ensure passengers aren’t just riding smart, they are riding safe.


NanoLumens is the digital signage leader in transportation hubs.


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