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NanoLumens Webinars and Podcasts

From staff experts to the most knowledgeable people in the digital signage field, NanoLumens features the key players and the industry insiders who matter on all things ‘digital display’ in our studio series.


Customized LED Displays and Video Wall Management in Control Rooms

Join industry experts and learn how to optimize your visualization space in control rooms with a customizable and modular approach that meets your specific operational needs. Discover the benefits of flexible and interoperable technology to increase productivity and maximize every pixel in your LED video wall installation. You can find the full recording of this webinar at this link.

The Immersive Innovative Video Canvas: Designing Venues That Wow!

This exciting live webinar will demonstrate how forward-thinking corporations have integrated immersive and creative digital display solutions into their spaces to more effectively connect with clients, employees, and guests. Attendees will learn about LED displays as architectural, captivating elements and hear industry leaders present specific use cases to spark your imagination and move your office space to an office experience.

Unbox Your Mind: The Designers Guide to Degrees of Freedom with Display Solutions

This webinar will detail is an alternative approach to display specification, an approach that considers displays not as a box but as a free-form canvas. Audiences will learn how to spot the degrees of freedom differences between bespoke direct view LED systems and more commoditized competition as well as which precise specification freedoms set apart the high-end display providers from sub-par substitutes.

A Fusion of Technology, Art and Design: The Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Join the LED and audio visual experts of both NanoLumens and Cenero as we walk through the start to finish project that led Charlotte International Airport to be named as one of this year’s System Contractor News Installs of the Year. During this insightful webinar, we will cover CLT’s objectives as well as the solutions provided AND dive into the unique data sculptures provided by acclaimed digital artist Refik Anadol.

The Future is Here with Today’s Intelligent Display

In this 30 minute webinar, attendees will gain an understanding on how networks can leverage smart signage to provide more relevant, individualized content when and where it matters. They'll also learn about the future of intelligent display solutions and how this mobile and proximity-centric approach removes the traditional challenges of accountability, reliability and simplicity. 

Public Display of Infection: The Top 10 Steps For Protecting Against Hackers

Join the team at NanoLumens for a Top 10 breakdown of the steps necessary to secure your public digital display network. From a better understanding of free Wi-Fi to the multiple scanning points that must be identified, this webinar will show you that a little prevention today, can help to avoid complete disruption in the future. 

Using the WHO to Explain the HOW: The Importance of Audience Measurement to Display Performance

LED display technology is a game-changer, but in order to maximize its potential you need to be able to measure its performance. In this webinar, the LED experts of NanoLumens and the video intelligence masterminds from AdMobilize take a deep dive into the importance of understanding and measuring your audiences, both qualitatively and quantitatively.


A View from the Top

NanoLumens created this series of vlogs to share insights from industry experts about topics related to building experiences through storytelling and technology. Hosted by Brandy Miranda. Episode 1: Lori Bajorek - President, National ESports Association Episode 2:      Mark Delguidice, CTS - Western Director, Atlantis Partners

NanoSessions: Bringing the Best of the Cloud to Locally Hosted DMS

Not everything is in the cloud. In fact, businesses that handle sensitive data such as financial records, medical records, and travel documents must maintain higher network security than ever before. That’s sent these businesses off the cloud and back to on-site hosting for their digital display management systems. Until now. NanoLumens just launched a locally-hosted version of its AWARE digital display management system. Its development was inspired by NanoLumens customers who’d asked for a one-to-one version for local hosting.

NanoSessions: How to Decipher Digital Display Technology As a Novice User

Without a background or steady base of knowledge of Pro AV, it’s honestly hard to keep up with all the advanced digital display technology that NanoLumens puts to work in its state-of-the-art displays. Micro LED versus LCD, pixels, pitch, curved display… for a new customer or someone new to the industry, learning and understanding all the terminology is no doubt a challenge. On this new episode of NanoSessions, a NanoLumens podcast, host Sean Heath welcomed senior copywriter Robert Simms to discuss the learning curve and how he goes about writing copy that’ll get read.

Fire Retardant LED Research Is Part of a Larger Safety Spectrum

On this episode of NanoSessions, a NanoLumens podcast, Adam Dixon, operations director of electrical engineering for NanoLumens, gives his perspective on designing fire retardant LED displays. “Fire dynamics are incredibly complex,” Dixon said. “We explored some uncommon or never previously used material combinations for the LED package itself as well as the air board construction.”

LED Video Wall Podcast: Direct View LED Is About Changing Experiences, Not Just Technology

Digital cinema technology in the Pro AV industry is changing at an ever-accelerating rate, no one is arguing that. What makes this shift unique, though, is the fact that evolving cinema technology is changing the consumer experience on a wholesale level, not simply changing the technology that the consumer uses. To explain what this means for the Pro AV industry, NanoLumens‘ chief technology officer Gary Feather sat down with host Sean Heath on this new episode of NanoSessions.

LED Video Wall Podcast: How NanoLumens is Creating Iconic Visualizations For Digital Airport Content

Some wow-inducing digital displays are going up in a most surprising places: Airports. On today’s episode of NanoSessions, Brett Farley, director of strategic business development for NanoLumens, discusses how digital displays range from everyday way-finding signage to dynamic art and spectacular displays.

LED Video Wall Podcast: Digital Wallpaper is The New LED Screen

LED screens are no longer just in the box. With sophisticated technology, digital displays now have the ability to become digital wallpaper, and that’s exactly how NanoLumens thinks of their displays. To discuss this topic today is expert Joey Commander, Senior Business Development Specialist at NanoLumens.

LED Video Wall Podcast: Resolution, Evolution, And What’s Next For LEDS

Much of the focus on LED video wall technology has been about resolution, but there comes a point where screens may have a sharper resolution than what the eye can see. In this episode of NanoSessions, Dan Rossborough, Director of Strategic Projects with NanoLumens, explains that the Pro AV industry has reached this peak, but at the end of the day it’s all about perception.

LED Video Wall Podcast: Airports Are The Destination For Spectacular LED Displays

Some wow-inducing digital displays are going up in a most surprising places: Airports. On today’s episode of NanoSessions, Brett Farley, director of strategic business development for NanoLumens, discusses how digital displays range from everyday way-finding signage to dynamic art and spectacular displays.

LED Video Wall Podcast: The Digital Signage Race to The Top is One of Quality, Not Price

The most innovative uses of digital LED technology being implemented across the world, from airports to public stadiums, are made possible by the best possible tech — not the cheapest. The key is educating the consumer so they can make the best possible decision. Customers are looking for the highest quality solutions that truly meet their needs today as well as for years to come. That is why understanding the jargon and technology in an LED solution will help buyers make the most informed buying decision possible.

LED Video Wall Podcast: LED is Bringing Life Back to Sports Arenas

Digital signage in the sports market has reached ubiquity, meaning applications are getting more creative. Whether it’s for interactive stations to bring fans to the stadium, jumbotrons that display real-time social media feeds, or LED art displays that inspire and put local retailers in the eyes of fans, applications seems limitless.

LED Video Wall Podcast: How University Campuses Are Using Video Walls to Evolve

University campuses are constantly looking for new and fresh ways to stimulate learning and encourage growth in their students. As the needs and expectations of students change, campuses have to adapt along with them. Increasingly, universities are turning to LED video walls to help create experiences that foster learning and community within their spaces.

LED Video Wall Podcast: The New Frontiers of Pro AV

With the ubiquity of digital signage on the rise, new frontiers like the convergence of AV and IT and the explosion of VoT are on the horizon. Larry O’Hagan, Inside Sales Associate for NanoLumens, joined us this episode to talk about why AV and IT need to learn from each other, why he thinks VoT devices are the future. “This makes a visual impact statement upon people.”

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