NanoLumens Displays Engage College Communities With Information and Entertainment

Just as companies are realizing they are defined by their employees, universities are realizing they depend enormously on their students to create and proliferate the school’s brand and culture. Schools therefore need to make sure their campuses feature the technologies that students rely upon. For this generation of students, that technology is large-format LED.

NanoLumens LED Screens for Education?

Today’s students expect nothing less than a fully digital experience from their school and schools looking to attract and engage these students have found success deploying affordable, reliable, and dynamic LED signage from NanoLumens. Customizable to transform the inside our outside of campus buildings without compromising existing architecture, NanoLumens displays are ideal for student unions, academic buildings, assembly halls, and even campus artwork. Making our solutions an even smarter choice is that they are exclusively built with 100,000 hour diodes and come backed by an industry-leading six-year warranty.


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