Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Displays

Elevate your environment with the NanoLumens Engage Series™. This flat-panel display series was created to give customers our simplest -and slimmest- solution yet. Ideal for close-distance viewing environments where image quality is of the utmost importance, narrow pitch Engage Series™ displays are built into a lightweight cabinet system with a native 16:9 ratio, making it easy to import and showcase all kinds of HD and 4K content.

Narrow Pixel Pitch

Why Choose the ENGAGE?

Designed, assembled and supported in the USA, the ENGAGE Series™ is backed by the industry’s best-in-class six-year warranty. The 100,000 hours of display life, along with its unrivaled image quality and picture vibrancy cannot be matched by any other product on the market. The ENGAGE Series displays are super slim, lightweight and energy efficient. NanoLumens seamless construction and integration make these displays several steps ahead of the competition.

Flat and Slim
6 Year Nixel™ to Pixel Warranty
0.9 – 2.5mm Pixel Pitch
100K Hours Lifetime

Visually Stunning

Perfect for up close viewing, you won’t find a more versatile display for your indoor needs than the NanoLumens ENGAGE Series™. That’s why Fortune 500 companies, professional sports teams, and major transportation hubs look to NanoLumens to meet their display needs.

Pixel Pitch 0.93mm 1.2mm 1.5mm 1.8mm 2.5mm
Module Size(W X H) 1 600.0 x 337.5 mm
23.62 x 13.29 in
Module Array Per “Full HD” 3 x 3 4 x 4 5 x 5 6 x 6 8 x 8
Module Resolution 640×360 480×270 384×216 320×180 240×135
Module Depth 4 50 mm / 1.97 in
Watts / Sq Ft² 62.27 Max / 20.45 Avg 53.7 Max / 16.12 Avg 41.26 Max / 12.38 Avg 45.91 Max / 13.77 Avg
Weight / Sq Ft² 2.34 kg / 5.2 lbs
Max Brightness (standard) 3 700 nits 850 nits 1200 nits
Viewing Angle Max 4 178° horizontal / 178° vertical
Viewing Angle L50 4 170° horizontal / 160° vertical 170° horizontal / 170° vertical 160° horizontal / 160° vertical
Curvable NO
Serviceability Front
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor
Input Voltage 110 / 120/ 208 / 220/ 240 VAC – Single Phase
Output Bit Depth 5 8-bit Standard (16.7 Million) / Up to 10-bit (>1 Billion)
AWARE® Enabled
(upon request)
Lifetime >100,000 hours

1 Cabinet/module footprint, standard décor/frame adds 1/2” to overall system height and width
2 Cabinet/module depth, standard décor/frame depth adds 1/8” to overall system depth
4 L50 is objective measured angle at which brightness decreases to 50% of max brightness
5 Engage Series LED displays process at up to 14 bits per channel internally. Final output bit depth is limited by the input bit depth and system design throughout.

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